About Steven Andiloro

Steven Andiloro  has utilized his 30 years of professional experience to forge a successful career for himself. By working diligently and exceptionally for three decades, Steven has become a trusted leader in the security industry. Today, Steven is the owner of Professional Security Solutions, a security company that provides several high-quality security solutions to a variety of clients.

Growing up, Steven was always certain about what he wanted to do when he grew up: protect others. He had a passion for keeping others safe that drove him to become a bouncer in his youth. At age 17, Steve was bouncing at several clubs throughout New York City. His natural and raw talent for security shined through his work, and he was eventually promoted to head of security for three of New York’s premier hangouts.

Steven Andiloro took this professional experience that he had gained throughout his years of work and combined it with his entrepreneurial spirit to form Professional Security Solutions, LLC. At the young age of 19, Steven was already a security professional with managerial experience and a company to call his own.

Steven and his carefully curated team at Professional Security Solutions have created an entire business around focusing on the needs and concerns of his clients. With a team of highly trained security professionals, several of which are former or current military and local law enforcement officials, there isn’t a situation that Steven Andiloro cannot handle.