How To Stay Safe: An Overview of Personal Security

In my short time writing for my various websites, I’ve covered a fair amount of news and trends in the personal security sector. It only makes sense, seeing as how I am a personal security professional. And while I’ve offered several blogs that discuss new gadgets and devices to aid in personal security, I’ve never actually given advice or tips and tricks for general personal security. And with that said, I figured I should take this moment to do so.


Don’t Travel Alone

One of the most common threats to personal security is a mugging. Simply walking the streets of your city can lead to an unwanted assault. This can happen at night or even in broad daylight. In order to decrease your chances of an assault, walk with at least another person. Whether you are walking to the store or your neighbor’s place a few houses down, try to walk with someone else. The more people in your group, the better. Assailants are looking for quick and easy targets; the more people in a group, the harder the target. And this isn’t restricted to walking. Driving or flying to other places can be just as dangerous, so it’s best to travel with a friend.


I realize that this is not possible for everybody, so if you can not find someone to travel with, let someone you trust know that you are traveling or going somewhere. This way, at least someone will know of your last whereabouts.


Be confident

If you can not find someone to travel with and you have no one to tell of your whereabouts, you can also detract assailants by traveling with confidence. Even if you are lost and have no clue where you are going, traveling with confidence and acting as though you know what you are doing can stop would-be assailants.

Be Prepared

If you know that you will be traveling to an unfamiliar territory, make sure to bring a personal security device of some kind. Your smartphone is a great start, but there are other devices that can help fend off assailants. Pepper spray or a whistle are two really great options. Depending on your personal views, sometimes small firearms or weapons will certainly stop attackers (if you do not feel comfortable with a weapon, it should be noted that you do not necessarily need to even load your firearm as the mere sight of a weapon can stop attackers). If carrying a weapon doesn’t work for you, you can also take self-protection classes like karate or taekwondo. This way, if you are attacked, you can easily defeat the assailant.


This is only a small number of ways that you can protect yourself in the future. I will continue to offer suggestions and tips in future blogs. Make sure to stay safe and stay tuned.


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